Peter Krákora - paintings, objects, assemblage

Krákora Peter, born on 5 August 1965 in Brno (Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia). After studying School of Electrical Engineering starts to work its field, however, comes the year 1989 and their political changes and of course, other possibilities of self-realization. Starts travel and meet new country, trying to abroad find a job and is good at it. But the tax, which for pay is high - the vast solitude, which is abroad House.

Then begins to paint the first one attempts what, how and more importantly, why. The path but have yet to pass in search of artistic expression is very long and strenuous. Expression option is expanding, working with wood, creating assemblages, as the material used his own blood and semen, painting comics, but to find a way to fail him. Ceases the artistic work, comes the search.

To help him come what we all so many times depreciated, what many rejected as outdated and obsolete, that the foundation stones, colors and canvas ... PICTURE !

Full speed has been focused on painting, unless there can be a painting all talk (this is the installation of colored areas). It is about creating a colorful geometric structures. The concept is clear, creating color areas and their combination or blending. When to assign combination of grays with blood-red element, there is It is what Peter cackle above. Communication with the environment, space, the viewer, who should feel in his paintings called "communicative power".

Their ideas on a purely geometric element is in its work new possibilities of expression and in three-dimensional objects. These are called "geometric mobiles, which can never cause static, because the mobility of objects and continual changes ensure their multiple variability. Now when you install geometric paintings and sculptures in the exhibition Peter cackle areas we can understand the contemporary view of modern art.